Naturva Network

Hello and welcome to the official Naturva donation site! Here, you can directly support Naturva. All store proceeds go right back into the server helping pay for it and other needs. (Advertisements / Plugins / ETC) Donating is 100% the players decision and NEVER required to play on the server. Only donate if you can and want too. If you are under the age of 18 please have a parent or guardians permission before purchasing anything. We have a no refund policy and any form of chargeback can result in termination from the server. We reserve the right to change any perk at any time. We will notify users if we do so. We appreciate everyone who helps support us in any way they can. <3

A Thank You:
Naturva started as an idea for a place for anyone to relax and make friends. To continue to do that would be impossible without your contributions. It truly does mean a lot to me (Morphie) and the staff that the community allows us to continue this. Thank you.

Recognition :
As an extra thank you, we give each donator special recognition in many ways throughout Naturva and it's connected programs. These are individually listed below:
  - Special Donor role in our discord server.
  - In-Game broadcast of your contribution.
  - Discord broadcast of your contribution.
  - Access to an In-Game donator shop.
  - 1 Naturva crate key per contribution.